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Women's Civic Club of Bethany Beach

P.O. Box 935
Bethany Beach, DE 19930

Meetings held September - June
South Coastal Library
2nd Thursday of the month
Social Hour 9:30 a.m.
Speaker 10 a.m.
Short Break ~ Business Meeting

Jane Clark
Joann McGaughey

Shirley Price

Colleen Sauvage

Ilene Parisi

Andrea Gowetski

Newsletter Editor
Suzanne Dezelon

WCCBB Meeting Dates and Programs
May 12, 2016 Spring Tea Party at Cripple Creek (sold out)
June 2, 2016 Lavender Fields at Warrington Manor, Milford

Meeting Recaps

November 12, 2015 ~ The second Fall Fashion Show held at Cripple Creek was an elegant affair thanks to B.J.
Hildebrand and her committee of volunteers. Chico’s presented fall and holiday fashions, modeled by our club
members. The generous donations from members for the raffles netted $1,158. This event was a sell-out.

December 10, 2015 ~ The annual holiday luncheon was also held at Cripple Creek. The club was beautifully
decorated for the season and put everyone in a holiday mood.

January 14, 2016
~ Our guest speaker was local artist Lenora “Lennie” Gentry whose artwork was selected
to produce an ornament for the 2004 White House Christmas Tree. First Lady Laura Bush chose the theme
"A Season of Merriment and Melody." A symphony of musical instruments hand-painted by members of the
Society of Decorative Painters adorned that year’s official Christmas tree. Ms. Gentry took us through the entire
process on how ornaments were chosen for the White House Christmas Tree. Over 500 ornaments were
submitted and voted upon by the Society of Decorative Painters. Only 300 were given the honor to have their
artwork selected for display at The White House; the others were displayed at the Society’s headquarters in
Wichita, Kansas, on their tree.

February 11, 2016
~ The club met in the meeting room of the Bethany Beach Town Hall as the library had
scheduled their annual book sale in our usual meeting room. Ronald Quillen, the scheduled speaker, was unable
to attend our meeting due to a death in the family.

March 10, 2016
~ Ronald Quillen, a local beekeeper in Sussex County, started beekeeping as a hobby 25 years
ago and evolved into a business. He is a lifelong resident of Sussex County, continuing a 200-year family
tradition. There are over 150 hives which are rented to local farmers in Dorchester County, one hive per acre.
Bees are used to pollinate cantaloupes and watermelons. If anyone would like more information or a tour,
contact Ronald Quillen, 907 Heritage Dr., Seaford DE 19973 (302.629.9430)

April 14, 2016
~ The AARP Chorus was formed by director, Ann Jaeger, in 2000. They have performed in
many places including Ocean City, Berlin, and Dover. Their songs included “Memories” from the Broadway
play, Cats, “What a Wonderful World,” “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” ending with a Melody of Patriotic

WCCBB Donations for 2016-2017 approved and to be distributed Fall 2016

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Club Updates
A Bit of Sunshine ~ Doreen Linehan has replaced Lyla Larouche who has stepped down from “Sunshine.”
Thank you, Lyla for your time and dedication, and to Doreen for continuing this service. If you know of
someone who needs a card of cheer, please contact Doreen.

Refreshments ~ Our sincere thanks to Doreen for organizing our coffee and goodies for 3 years. Three ladies
have come forward to volunteer, Michelle Diddlemeyer, Kay Houston, and Linda Shanholtz. We thank them for
taking on the refreshments so we can continue to enjoy our goodies at the meetings. Please help the committee
by signing up occasionally to bake. Doreen thanked Colleen Sauvage and all the ladies who filled in when help
was needed, and setting up chairs before the meeting.

Membership ~ Andrea Gowetski reported we now have 208 members. She reminds everyone to renew their
membership by June 1st. You may renew at the May Tea, or send a check directly to her.
Troop Supplies ~ We thank Gigi Vanderman who has collected supplies for the troops. Sharon Pearce has
offered to continue this project.

Bethany Beach ~ It appears unlikely that monies to repair the dunes and beach replenishment will be available
this year. Bethany Beach calendars are available for sale at Town Hall; cost is $3.

Adopt-a-Road ~ Shirley Weisel would like to address the litter problem that has grown worse over the years.
She has offered to organize a group of ladies who would like to get together for friendship and exercise and help
pick up litter three times a year in the Bethany Beach area. If interested, contact Shirley.

Farmer’s Market ~ Margaret Young announced that the Farmers Market will be starting their 9th season. It
will be open on Sundays, June 12 through September 4, from 8 am to 12 noon. The market is located in the
PNC bank parking lot. Volunteers are needed for the 8 am to 10 am shift or the 10 am to 12 noon shift. Call
Margaret for details.

Beach and Bay Cottage Tour ~ Andrea Gowetski and Judy Morris are seeking morning or afternoon
volunteers to host a Bethany Beach home on Thursday, July 28. Contact Andrea if you would like to help.
Four-hour shifts are available in the morning or afternoon.

Member Notification ~ Everyone with an email address will receive club meeting reminders as well as event
notices and club news. Contact Carolyn Corrigan if you would like to add your email address.

Communications ~ The club newsletter is mailed in October and April. A bulletin board is set up at every
meeting on a table by the windows with the minutes, treasurer reports and other pertinent information posted.

Financial Review ~ Thanks to Lynn Urbanski and B.J. Hildebrand who volunteered for this task.

Annual Club Tea
~ The tea was moved to May this year to accommodate the ladies who spend winter in
warmer climes. It has created a venue issue; the library uses the meeting room for their annual book sale on our
usual meeting date. The room is so booked up, that even changing to a different Thursday is impossible. There
is no other local venue large enough for our group, so the club voted to move the tea back to February. B.J.
Hildebrand offered to chair the Tea committee.