Women's Civic Club
of Bethany Beach

Club History

Founded by 18 women on August 3, 1925, the club first had two summer meetings. They first gave 3 benches for the boardwalk and then started a beautification project on the triangle (Rt.1 & 26). The Club put garbage cans in town. Dues started at $1.00

1948-early 1950’s
– The Club had July and August meetings and membership was up to 29.
6 life preservers were bought and lifeguard equipment—from first aid kits to T-shirts. In 1950,
4 lifeguard stands and umbrellas were purchased. 8 Oil Drums were uses as trash barrels. Hedges were planted near the comfort station.
During these years the club had an excellent rapport with the Town Council. The Club made welcome cards for visitors to provide the rules of the Town.

– The club bought lifeguard jerseys and jackets. A resuscitator and hospital bed were bought for the Fire Hall. They helped with street sign repair. Meetings were held in the new Fire House.

– The club continues to outfit the lifeguards and gave them transistor telephones. 12 new trash cans were purchased. The Club was involved in the House Tour. As a money maker, they had an August Town Fair.

– Due to the 62 storm, the Club minutes and information was lost. New supplies were bought for the lifeguards, along with new trash cans and benches. Dues went to $2.00. Membership was up to 45.

– 40 new trash cans were purchased. In 1965, the Club gave management of the lifeguards to the Town. Members had plantings throughout the Town.

– Membership is up to 115 members. Club members planted petunias in front of Town Hall. The Club gave 2 drinking fountains for the boardwalk.

– President Marie Caldwell was instrumental in having a museum of historical pictures of Bethany to be displayed in the Baltimore Trust Bank. At the new Town Hall opening, the Club provided the refreshments. The information Letter (newsletter) was started in 1972 by Marie Caldwell.

– Dues rose from $2 to $3 and in 1974 up to $5. Member Ruth McNeal sold used books in front of her 3th Street home, a good money maker for the Club.
Meetings were held at members’ homes. 30 benches were bought for the board-walk. Dedication of the new Fire Department building happened in this time frame. 3 major projects were to upkeep the benches, landscaping and the newsletter.

– Membership was up to 365. Club provided bike racks for the Town. 600 petunias were planted in Garfield Parkway…Club now hired a gardener.

– In ’78, the Information Letter was sent to all property owners. 1979- 423 sent in dues.

– Membership ran from 451 to 487 during those years. Members and the gardener (Ed Addy could no longer help) would do the plantings in Town.
Town Manager asked us to sponsor a contest for a seal to represent the Town.

– Membership during these years ranged from 517-528. The gardener is overseeing the Club beautification program. Club had Christmas caroling in Georgetown. Meetings are in June, July, August and November. Club has its first Fashion Show on June 13, 1985. Club Bylaws need revision. In 1985, we celebrated our 60th birthday and had a float in July 4th parade. Club sold pewter plates with the new Town seal. Town history was moved to the renovated Town Hall. We sold 700 cups of lemonade at the Craft Fair. Ruth McNeal starts 14th season of her book sales.

– Dues to $10.00

– Dues to $ 15.00

– Bylaws completely revised

– Bylaws amended

– New member packets created. Membership – 187.

Oct 14, 2013
Motion made & approved to eliminated the reading of the minutes at meetings and have them sent via email.

April 3, 2014
-- Non-profit speaker fee approved from $25 to $50 by membership.

Nov 13, 2014 –
First Fall Fashion held at Cripple Creek

March 12, 2015
– Motion approved to increase dues from $15 to $20.

May, 2015
– First time Club had Co-Presidents

October, 2015
– Bylaws amended to reflect change in fiscal year.

Nov 12, 2015
– Celebration of Club’s 90th year at the Fall Fashion Show.

May, 2016
– Valentine Tea changed to Spring Tea and was sold out.

September, 2016
– WCCBB website created. www.wccbb.org

September, 2016
– WCCBB ‘adopted’ a road in Bethany Beach to clean three times a year. Club volunteers cleaned Kent Avenue to Muddy Neck Road.